We hope you will help support our efforts

We don’t like asking for money. Believe us, we don’t. If we could somehow make Georgia 105 free, we would. But like any business, there are operating costs involved, so we are trying to offset those with our fundraising effort.

We love this community and area, so much so that since we launched our new version of Georgia 105, we’ve been pouring our hearts into it — for free. Those shows you hear Todd and Garth do, they are not being paid. Ad copy is written, voiced, and produced for free. The videos are put together for free. The website was built, is maintained, updated…for free. Our servers get updated and switched. We have a pretty decent sized team of some of the most talented folks in the radio biz, doing this all for free…why? Because they believe in the entertaining factor of radio (let’s face it, we all need some brevity from the daily bad news) and they believe in this community.

But there is still costs involved in running things, just as with any business. Right now, those costs have been paid out of pocket. We sincerely want to continue serving this community and growing with it — we feel like there are some wonderful things taking place here in the mountains of North Georgia, and we want to be a part of it.

Even if you can only give $5, $5 adds up. We appreciate any amount you can give.

If you are a business and you would like to partner or make a larger donation, we will gladly provide you with an advertising package for your donation. If you are an individual, we will be more than happy to recognize you as well! We want everyone to know we appreciate every donation and want to acknowledge those who donate.

We hope you will consider donating and making this investment into #OurCommunity!


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