MoonDoggies Makes Your Pup Feel At Home While You’re Away

moondoggies smiling pup
A smiling pup enjoying his stay at MoonDoggies!

Pets are part of the family, and when you go on vacation, one of your biggest concerns is where will your pet go. Do you get someone to come stay with you? Do you board them? There is a lot of anxiety around who to trust with you pet  — MoonDoggies understands and can help.

Jackie has made caring for dogs her way of life. Along with the over 20 years of experience in the pet industry she brings to MoonDoogies, she also brings a tremendous love and compassion for animals. It’s not just a matter of having someone feed, water, and walk your furbaby while you’re gone — you want someone who will treat your baby like you would, complete with all the spoiling!

moondoggies 5

MoonDoggies offers climate controlled, indoor only boarding. There’s no kennels, but individual rooms and areas for your pups to enjoy. (Some of the local pups may know each other and, with owner approval, can enjoy play time together.) Jackie encourages owners to come visit before they board their pet, so they can feel comfortable leaving their furry baby at MoonDoggies. The pups get plenty of exercise, too, as MoonDoogies has plenty of gorgeous green space for them to enjoy their walks!

Some of the gorgeous green space at MoonDoogies.
Some of the gorgeous green space at MoonDoogies.

Some pets are set in their routines, or have other needs that would make staying home a better option. MoonDoggies also offers pet sitting in your home. Jackie always goes out to meet with you and your pup on his territory, to find out what his routine is and make notes. What a welcome relief, knowing your pet will be in his own environment and taken care of.

MoonDoggies offers many options for pet owners — hourly, daily, and overnight — giving pet owners the help they need. The flexibility is perfect for locals who need someone they trust to care for their pet, and is a great option for visitors to the Helen/Sautee area, who want to bring their pet to the mountains but can’t find a hotel that allows pets. Owners can come pick up their pets at MoonDoggies to enjoy the day, then bring them back to board. It’s a perfect way for tourists to bring their pets with them on vacation.

And, coming mid-August, MoonDoggies will also offer boarding for felines! The room will be available for a single kitty, multiple cats from the same family, or, a cat and dog from the same home.

Go ahead and plan that vacation and know MoonDoggies will take excellent care for your pet while you’re gone. Make MoonDoggies — your pup’s vacation destination!

MoonDoggies, 33 Nacoochee Way, in Sautee, across from the Old Sautee Store, at Nacoochee Crossing. Like MoonDoggies on Facebook or visit them online.

To Plan For Your Pet’s Stay at MoonDoggies:

  • All pets must be up to date on vaccines and on flea and tick preventatives. Owners will need to show proof from the vet, or MoonDoggies can call to verify.
  • You are more than welcome to bring beds, blankets, toys, whatever else will make your pet feel more comfortable, but MoonDoggies has beds, bowls, leashes, etc.
  • It’s best to bring your pup’s food when staying at MoonDoggies to avoid stomach upset often associated with food changes. (MoonDoggies does offer treats to their furry guests from their fresh-baked treats they make in-house!)

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