Our Community. Your Station.

Georgia 105 was previously on the air from 2006-2009, under the management of Oconee River Broadcasting. Like any great adventure, the people involved stayed in touch, always reminiscing about how great it was to serve the North Georgia area and to work together. The station was able to help provide an advertising value to the businesses that ran with them, and provide local weather, news, and a great mix of music to the area. Not only that, the staff at the station loved the area — the people, the businesses, the sense of community.

Flash forward six years later (almost to the day ORB left the signal), and the new incarnation of Georgia 105 was introduced. The same mix of music remains — hits from the ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, and today — and some completely new, updated elements: the comprehensive reach of the Internet, which never sleeps coupled with the power of social media and a multi-layered community marketing approach. The all new Georgia 105 is bringing even more to its supporters through video promotions, sponsorships, non-profit spotlights — and now blogs as an added marketing element — proving yet again, Georgia 105 wants to help this community succeed.

Our Community. Your Station. We hope you will join us!

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